Thursday, December 14, 2017

Adding A Few Research Clues To Collections For Your Students

There is something new in Collections by Destiny that I love! 

We can now add images to truly personalize the items that we add to our Collections.  I wrote how to do this here.
Today when I was working on the Winter Collection I created to share with all of you, I added PebbleGo from Capstone. 

I realized that when adding PebbleGo to a Collection it would make more sense to add a picture and description of what you would like the students to research in that specific Collection. 
In this case, I took a screen shot of the Winter articles from PebbleGo Science. 
I then clicked on Edit Resource and uploaded the image (screen shot) of the PebbleGo Winter articles.  

Now when students and teachers see this in the Winter Collection, they will know exactly what to research in PebbleGo.

These little visual and textual clues truly help our students as they become better researchers and readers every day. 

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