Thursday, December 21, 2017

Look At What 2017 Had In Store For StoryboardThat!

One of my favorite digital storytelling tools is StoryboardThat!  They are constantly making it even better and adding awesome additions for our students, teachers and school communities. 

Look at what 2017 had in store for them with a few of the changes we saw....

1. New Science Art – Along with their new science resources, the Storyboard That artists have created new lab equipment, diagrams, special symbols, and planets! Be sure to check out the “Science” tab in the Storyboard Creator.
2. Advanced Cropping Options – In addition to the standard crop, they have added circular crop and four-point crop (advanced crop). Now you can crop at angles and with curves!
3. Enhanced Editing Features – Take a look at the editing palette options! There are new filters and effects, better text editing, and the ability to align multiple objects.
4. Smart Items – Many of their items, like food or books, now have a blue “Image Options” button to show a different perspective or function. Search for “atom” and create your own Bohr model.
5. New Layouts – This year StoryboardThat have increased the number of layouts to nine. Use the chart and cycle layouts to present information in new ways. 
With a new year right around the corner, make sure you check out StoryboardThat today.  

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