Thursday, December 21, 2017

Future Ready Librarians....Follow Our Website and the Updates Today!

As we get ready to kick off a new year for Future Ready Librarians, I wanted to remind you to check out the AWESOME Future Ready Librarian page on the Future Ready Schools site.

There have been many additions and resources added over the last few months that you won't want to miss.
You will find the Future Ready Librarian Framework and the I Am a Future Ready Librarian poster.

These can be downloaded from the site or ask your Follett representative to get them for you.
 There are upcoming events listed, which is updated on a regular basis.
One of my favorite things on the site is the We Are Future Ready Librarians Flipgrid where you can share your video comments.  

There are links to the Future Ready Librarian webinars from 2017, blog posts from our FRL Leadership Team and lots of FRL Resources including...
the Future Ready Librarian Collection
the Future Ready Librarian Symbaloo and...
the Future Ready Librarian Padlet where everyone can share.
One of the most exciting new additions are the Follett Future Ready Librarian Case Studies which are linked from the site.
The videos that go along with four of the case studies from Future Ready Librarian leaders are so inspiring and informative.  
You will also find Mark Ray's TED Talk Changing The Conversation About Libraries super helpful too.
At the bottom of the page, you will find a place to sign up for these Future Ready Librarian updates and more.  

It has been an amazing year friends...I can't wait to see what 2018 holds for Future Ready Librarians.  

Have a wonderful holiday season and New Year.  

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