Monday, December 18, 2017

10 Activities and Projects for Winter With Cantata Learning and Pebble Go!

The holidays and winter months are one of my favorite times of the year. I love celebrating, spending time with my family and friends, and cherishing all of the traditions that we have made over the years.
A big part of our holiday growing up was singing carols and wintery songs. During the holidays, my sister Heather and I would get out the holiday albums and sing along to people like John Denver and Bing Crosby. I would play the piano as Heather sang. I even remember Heather and I singing as we made snowmen and snow forts behind our house. It was always so much fun!  
Now with my family, the second holiday songs begin to play on the radio, we have it on in the car and at home all season long. As we get ready for special family events, it is our tradition to listen to music, singing and dancing along.
With the winter holidays here, it is also the perfect time for us, as librarians and teachers, to find and bring together wonderful books, resources, songs, and activities to inspire students. We can pull in seasonal and holiday themes that will keep keep our students engaged and creating during this special, busy, and memorable time of the year.
Two of my favorite resources to use when planning for the winter season are Cantata Learning and PebbleGo. These two products work perfectly together by supporting important math, science, social studies, science, reading, and language arts standards while tying in so nicely across the curriculum with art, music, PE, library, and more.  
Today, I want to share 10 winter holiday activities and projects, using Cantata Learning and PebbleGo, that you can bring to your library and classroom now and throughout the winter months.  
You will find the post at the Cantata Learning blog here

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