Friday, December 8, 2017

Virtual and Augmented Reality Favorites For The Second Week 'Til New Year's!

On the Second Week 'Til New Year's, I am going to share virtual and augmented reality resources, tools and Collections to use in the library and classroom and even for your students to use at home. 

A lot of you have used VR and AR in your libraries and classrooms, but some might be asking, What exactly is virtual and augmented reality?

Let me start by sharing the definitions from Merriam-Webster with you.

Virtual Reality is an artificial environment which is experienced through sensory stimuli (such as sights and sounds) provided by a computer and in which one's actions partially determine what happens in the environment; also it is the technology used to create or access a virtual reality.

Augmented Reality is an enhanced version of reality created by the use of technology to overlay digital information on an image of something being viewed through a device (such as a smartphone camera); also, it is the technology used to create augmented reality.

By using VR and AR in education, we are changing the way our students interact and see the subject matter being taught to them and the world around them. These tools engage and excite them in wonderful ways and bring learning to life.

I love using VR and AR with young people. To see eyes light up when putting these tools and resources into their hands makes it so rewarding for me, as a librarian and educator too.

I hope they will bring something special to your library and classroom during this holiday month too.
You will find My Favorite Things on The 5 Weeks 'Til New's Year Smore here

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