Monday, May 12, 2014

What A Fun Time Being Part Of #txeduchat .... Keeping Kids Connected For The Summer!

On Sunday night, I had the honor of being part of the Texas Educhat, better known as #txeduchat on Twitter. 
The topic was one that I think a lot about as the teacher librarian at my school....Keeping Kids Connected For The Summer

As we finish up our last two weeks of schools at Van Meter, I am preparing lots of fun, creative, and engaging ideas to share with our young people, families, and community.  Therefore, I was excited to share ideas and learn so many from others too.  
I created a Google Doc that we shared during #txeduchat.  It is a place that we can keep the conversation going by sharing ideas and resources for keeping kids connected for the summer. 
You can go to the #txeduchat website to find the 05-11-14 Chat Archive created using Storify.  

After the chat tonight, I was speaking to my friends from #txeduchat.  We decided I would come back to host again for a Back-to-School Night in August.  I can't wait to share ideas and hear what others are doing to make it another special year.  

Thank you again #txeduchat and all of the educators that joined us. 

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