Thursday, May 8, 2014

Creating "6 Word Memoirs" With Our 5th Graders For Their Elementary Graduation Ceremony

Next week our awesome fifth graders will graduate from Van Meter Elementary.  This is such a special day for our young people and their families.

To make it even more special, the fifth graders create amazing projects to share during the ceremony.

One project that I always help them create are the "6 Word Memoirs".  Each student thinks of six words that describe them....It can be words or a phrase, however they want to create it.
They also pick a photograph that describes and supports their six words.  This is a perfect chance for me to see them use tools to find images such as Google Advance Search and iClipArt that are copyright free.
It is also the perfect place for them to practice giving credit to an image, another one of the standards in fifth grade.  
To start, each student will go the the link on the 5th Grade Symbaloo.  This takes them into a public Google Presentation that I created.  You will need to make sure you make this public within the presentation in the right hand corner.  

Now every student can go to the Google Presentation and add their own 6 Word Memoir page.  
The great thing about going it in Google Presentation...when you are finished as a class it will be very easy to share with other classrooms, our community and the world. 

Have a beautiful graduation fifth graders....You truly are one of my most favorite classes.  Ever.  


  1. I like this idea and would like to try to use it. Can you give me some pointers on introducing it and encouraging a positive and serious response? I have set up a Google presentation, but I thought we should begin with paper and pencil. What is your process and how much time do you use? Thanks for your response.

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