Wednesday, May 7, 2014

More Fun With Chromville, Augmented Reality, and Narrative Writing With Our Third Graders

On Monday, the second graders had so much fun using Chromville with the coloring sheets, app, and augmented reality. They also had a chance to find out all out the Narrative Naming Contest and began writing a narrative to name the little Chromville girl. 

It was such a big success that I brought it to our third graders yesterday in the library. WOW....Were they ever excited and just loved being able to use augmented reality throughout the library, reading, and other subjects.  
I told them all about the Naming Contest and they wanted to write stories to participate too. 
It was fun to watch them just take off with this. Some worked at little desks throughout the building, others took notes on an iPad, several used notecards, and a lot of them wrote their narrative in a Google Document.  
Once again, Chromville brought lots of fun and learning to our kids at Van Meter.  

We can wait to send all of these wonderful narratives to our friends at Chromville on Friday. 

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