Sunday, May 11, 2014

End Of The Year Fun and A Quick Review In Destiny With The New FlipQuiz Pro!

It is the end of year for a lot of us.  We only have two more weeks at Van Meter.  I can't believe how fast the year has flown by and how much we have learned. 

With the end near, there are a few things that I would like to review with my students.  
I always take a look at my Library, Technology, and Digital Citizenship Curriculum to make sure we have covered everything and to get a feeling for where we need to pick up in the fall.
One thing I would like to review quick with all of the students is our online catalog, Destiny.  
With the new Destiny 11.5 upgrade there is a brand new interface that I want to show all of the students and teachers.  Then they can use this while at home this summer when finding books, eBooks, authors, and illustrators they want to read.  

Also, at the end of the year with all of the excitement and energy in the air, it is a great idea to find activities and projects that are engaging and fun.  

I have a new favorite digital tool that will bring just that to our library and students!  It is called FlipQuiz and "lets educators create game-show style boards". 
It was great then, but now it is even better with the introduction of FlipQuiz Pro.  Like the above image says...

All the same free stuff from before, but with extra PRO goodness!"  
A few of the new features include Team Scoring.  You are able to choose up to 10 teams that can play at the same time.  This will be an awesome feature to have in the library, because I can put my students into pairs or small groups to keep everyone involved.  
With the Pro account, images can be uploaded to the questions and also to represent each board. 
You can make the boards private if you boards or unfinished or private.  

And also you can customize the points that each question receives.  

To read all about the new FlipQuiz Pro membership and sign up, please visit the link here
After I was set to go with my FlipQuiz Pro account...
I went to the Van Meter Elementary Destiny to create the game show board that we would use this coming week in the library.  
To start, you click on the green button at the top to create a new quiz board.  On the right hand side, you can choose if the board is public or private.   

You can then give your FlipQuiz a title at the top.  
Your FlipQuiz has six columns with 5 questions in each column.   You start by giving the column a title or topic, then create the questions and answers to each. 
I really like the new features of the question and answer boxes.  To be able to upload an image or hyperlink is very useful and will be great to use with our learners.  
It is also very easy to edit the board as you go.  This can be done with the green "Edit Board" button on the left hand side.

Once you are all finished entering the questions, click on the green 'Presentation Mode" button on the right hand side. 
It will ask you how many teams will be playing.  After you select the number, each team can also be named. 
It will put you into the presentation mode where you can also move the to full screen as you play the board.  
There is a column in the FlipQuiz I created all about the new Destiny, "Universal Search".
The first team can choose which column and value they want to play.  When you click on that space, the question pops up on top of the board.  The teams are shown at the very top of each box too.
 When the team is ready to answer, click on the green "Recall Answer" button to reveal the answer.
Once the team says the correct answer, you can then click on the orange "Reward Points" button in the right hand corner.  It will give you a choice of which team to award the points to as well. 
As the board is played through, the different questions disappear and leave the board.  Players then know what is left.
Even though a board is played, it will go back to all of the question boxes showing as you go back to the beginning.   It can be played as many times as you want.  All of your board will show up in "My Dashboard".
I love being able to "Copy The Board" too.  It will come up as a "Clone" and is stored in the same place as the other boards.  

This is a wonderful feature so boards can be individualized according to classes, students, and needs.  
My friends at FlipQuiz have created something awesome to be used in so many ways throughout education.

I know that the young people will LOVE playing this week as we review and learn new things about Destiny and our library collection.  It will be a terrific way to get them ready for summer reading fun.

Check back with FlipQuiz as they are going to announce the roll out of their new Flashcards soon.

Thank you FlipQuiz for bringing such a valuable and fun digital tool to all of us.  

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