Saturday, May 10, 2014

Hey! I Love This! You Can Now Learn With Capstone's PebbleGO On The iPads!

You just have to watch what this first grader tells us about PebbleGO!  This was the way all our little ones felt about the news from Capstone.

Last week I was so excited to receive the email blast that read...
Capstone's PebbleGO 2.0 Beta version was available! We could use PebbleGO on our iPads!  I couldn't wait to try it out with the kids.

And from the video above, you can see that our kids LOVE being able to access PebbleGO on the iPads!
When my son Hagan came down to the library after school on that day, I told him we could now go to PebbleGO on the iPads.

He was super excited and asked me to help him go there on his iPad.
He loves looking at the PebbleGO Biographies database, especially the athlete biographies, so that is where he headed.
Hagan found an article about Jackie Robinson, one of his favorite baseball players.  
The new update looks amazing on the iPad!  Hagan noticed all of the cool new things right away.

It was easy for him to click on the different tabs at the top of the article.  He could click next to each text box to listen or just read it himself.  There were also highlighted words that he can click on to find the definition.
When he clicked on a video, a window popped up the middle of the screen where he could watch the video.
We also explored a few of the other buttons at the bottom of the screen.
It is easy to get the "Citation Information" from any article. You can copy and paste or print it.
You are able to print the different parts of the articles in two different formats.
One of our favorite part of PebbleGO are the "Share What You Know" sheets.  The kids love writing and drawing what they are learning about each article in PebbleGO.  You can print these from an iPad or from PebbleGO online.
Hagan and all of our kids love the different "Games" that are available within PebbleGO.  I was really impressed with how well they looked and worked on the iPad.  This was fun for Hagan to explore and learn with the different games.
Two of the new fun features are the "Question of the Day".  The kids will enjoy this on PebbleGO.....They love anything where they get to interact with an app.
Capstone also added this little "Random Article" spinner at the top of each page.  When the students click on that, it will take them into something completely random.  Our kindergarteners were using this last week.  They loved the surprise of seeing what they were going to be reading about next.
This was perfect timing for all of our PBL projects happening in the library, classrooms, and at home right now.  The kindergarteners used PebbleGO on the iPads to draw their Iowa animals for the eBooks we are creating.  The post The Perfect Place To Go When Studying & Drawing Animals.....Capstone's PebbleGo On Our iPads! explains how we used PebbleGO and the iPads. 

The first graders also loved using PebbleGO on the iPads when doing their "My Safety Project" research.  
It is really fun taking a step back and watching how they used the laptops and iPads together while they are researching.
With PebbleGO available for the iPads it is going to make such a difference for so many young people putting the information they need at their fingertips.
We just know you will love it too! 

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