Sunday, May 4, 2014

An Amazing New Place For All Of Us To Connect......The MackinVIA Community, Connext

I love how my friends at Mackin Educational Resources are always doing something new and amazing!

And this time.....They have really done it!

I love what they just rolled out.....Connext, The MackinVIA Community.
MackinVIA Connext is a place....a village....a community to bring together MackinVIA fans and followers.  

The goal is to bring us a place to share, to celebrate, to learn together, and to build a community that will grow and become special to all of us.  
Within MackinVIA Connext their are different spots to visit that you will love.  You can get to all of these places across the top of the webpage.  
In my role as a Teacher Librarian Educational Consultant with Mackin, I contribute to the MackinVIA Connext Blog at "Shannon Shares" and share stories, resources, ideas, projects, and special events from the library, school, and education.  

And check out this page to read all of my past posts too. 
Another spot on Connext is called ConnextPerks, which brings together my blog and others from amazing educators and librarians.  
We are part of the ConnextPerts and are very excited to share so much with all of you.  
The Forum on Connext is a place that I am very excited about.  There are already a lot of different topics within the forum and I can really see this becoming an important place for wonderful conversations, learning, and connecting. 
Also, please make sure you check out the Author's Corner....
Heroes, where they are lifted up and recognized..... 
Within the MackinVIA area, you will find one of my favorite spots.....Flipped Learning!

The MackinVIA Community, Connext is a very special place that will bring all of us so much as we start connecting, sharing, and making a difference together.  

I am very excited to connect with all of you too!  

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