Monday, May 5, 2014

They All LOVE The Research Part Of The "First Grade Safety PBL Project"

After our big "Safety Days" last week, our first graders picked their safety topic,wrote their driving questions, and each are researching their topic at school and home.  
 With this information, they will create a project supporting their driving question.
We have really enjoyed seeing the driving questions our first graders have developed.  They are amazing and are really driving the learning, research, and excitement of this PBL project.
By giving them so many wonderful resources within the Safety. Safety. Safety. Smore to explore and learn from at the beginning of this project, the first graders become interested in a lot of different materials and resources.  It gave them a great place to start and continue learning about their safety topic.  They had all the right tools they needed to be successful researchers.
As they use these resources to learn about their safety topic, it has been so much fun watching them all develop their own process too.  Some are using small note cards....
some are using large notecards and
others are taking notes just within their "My Safety Project" packet.
Last week we brought all three classes of first grade into the library for a morning of research.

Through these pictures you can tell that many resources were being used, different techniques were in place, lots of collaboration was happening, and all of them were having a fun time working on their project.
The teachers and I were there to be their guides, but the students were truly in charge of their learning on this day.
This week our first graders continue to work on their project at home with their parents.

Next week, they will be working with our fifth graders on a video component of their safety project.

At the end of the week, they will be teaching our kindergarteners all about the different safety topics they learned about.  They will be the teachers on this day.
I can't wait to see them tomorrow in the library....It is so much fun to watch them become so passionate about their topic.  These little ones are creating something truly special and loving the research process along the way.

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