Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Sphero Team At Van Meter Learn About "Time, Speed, and Distance" In SPRK Lesson 1

Earlier this week I wrote how we are involved with the SPRK Educational Program with Sphero. 

You can read about the start of our experience with Sphero in my first post, Rolling Out The SPRK "Schools, Parents, Robots, Kids" Program In Our Library With Sphero.  

This week, I gathered together a group of 5th graders so they could help me test out the "Plug-and-Play" lessons that they have on the Sphere SPRK Program Education page. 
After reading Lesson 1: Introduction to Sphero, the team set up our two new Sphero 2.0's and got ready for the MacroLab Lesson: Rate and Time.  
We downloaded all of the lessons from the Sphero website and I had paper copies ready for the team to use as they worked through each lesson.  

For each of the five lessons, there is a "Student Guide" and a "Student Worksheet" for them to use as they work through the lesson.  
There is also a 'Teacher Guide" for each which I found to be very helpful as I prepared to roll this out to the students.  I love how they shows which of the CCSS are connected to the lesson, the objectives, and a detailed outline for each part of the lesson.  Sphere has done a wonderful job laying these out for anyone to follow and use successfully in a variety of settings.  
As the teams worked through the lesson, I loved seeing them collaborating with one another and the other team.  We are all having a great time working together as we learn more and more ways to integrate Sphero into our curriculum, classrooms, and library. 

When one of our teams finished up the lesson and student packet, they captured reflections in this video.  What awesome things they learned!  

All of the young people can't wait to move onto the Lesson 2, 2D Geometry, next week.

And please make sure you check out Sphero Education too.  

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