Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Special Connection Between Khartoum, Sudan and Van Meter, Iowa 5th Graders This Week

A few weeks ago we shared the 5th graders nonfiction eBooks that they created.

After they added them to the Padlet below, I shared it on Twitter and Donovan Hall from KICS Primary School in Khartoum, Sudan saw my tweet.  I was very excited to see that his students were reading our students eBooks.  Both of the groups of young people were creating projects focusing on global warming and the earth. Donovan and I thought it would be wonderful if all of us could connect in a GHO to share with each other.

And so this week we did.....Our two schools in Iowa and Sudan connected, shared, and learned together.

Kate Goodwin and Aubrey Stafford, our fifth grade teachers, brought all of the kids to the library.  We started our GHO at 8:30am CST.....It was 5:30pm in the Sudan.  Donovan had his students come back to school, while ours started their day connecting. 
We listened to amazing projects and presentations from our new friends.
Our fifth graders also enjoyed sharing the projects and work they had done within their classrooms. Everyone was so impressed with what they had created.

What a special time it was.
To continue the conversation between our two schools we created a FlipGrid asking the question, 

I added a link to the 5th grade Symbaloo and tweeted the link to Donovan.  

All of our students will add their very own video reflection to the FlipGrid.  This will be a nice way for the students to get to know one another better too.   
We can't wait to hear all of the reflections from the students.  

They have so much to add to this conversation after being involved in such wonderful projects and experiences.

Thank you Donovan and all of our new friends at KICS Primary in Khartoum, Sudan.   

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