Monday, May 5, 2014

The Perfect Place To Go When Studying & Drawing Animals.....Capstone's PebbleGo On Our iPads!

Now that our kindergarteners have shared their wonderful Iowa Animal Research projects with our school community and parents, it is time for us to do one last project to capture all of the things the little ones have learned about their animals.  
Last year at the end of our project, the kindergarteners created an eBook using Wordle, ABCya, FlipSnack, and TuxPaint.  It turned out so cute and we always love finding this within our digital library collection and reading again.

This year, we wanted to do something a little different.  Our kindergarteners love drawing and writing, so I found a couple of tools that will allow us to use original art work, handwriting, and their very own voice to create another beautiful eBook to share with everyone.  
When Miss McClintock's class came to library today, we started working on the Iowa Animal eBook.  I told them all about the project. They were super excited to hear they would be artists and authors.  

I explained how each one of them would have their very own page to illustrate with their Iowa animal and the habitat that it lived in.  I passed out nice paper and all kinds of different drawing tools for their illustrations.  
I then made their day by telling them we would also be using the iPads to go to PebbleGO.  This is their favorite place to go for their Iowa animal research.  Capstone just announced that PebbleGO can be used on iPads, which has brought so much excitement to the library over the last week.  
I loved watching them go get a iPad and get right to PebbleGO.....They have become little experts.  They all went right to the Animals database within PebbleGO and were able to type in their animal.  
After they used the pictures and videos within PebbleGO to draw the animals, they also went to the "Animal Habitats" articles to look at the pictures of habitats too.  

They all created the best illustrations today.  It truly showed through what the kindergarteners have learned throughout this PBL project over the last several weeks.

I can't wait for Mrs. Caltrider's class to create their illustrations on Wednesday. We will then use a few new tools to record voices, write text, and create an interactive eBook to share next week with each other, our community, and all of you.  

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