Thursday, May 15, 2014

Today Our First Graders Shared Their "My Safety Projects" And Taught Us About All Kinds Of Safety

In April, we kicked off the first graders "My Safety PBL Project."

They have loved developing their driving questions, researching, and creating a project about their safety topic.
This week it was time to share what they have learned and created.  Each student was videotaped talking about their project.  They were also able to show what they had created.
We videotaped on the iPad and then uploaded each video into YouTube.

I created a new Symbaloo, 1st Grade Safety Projects, to embed each safety video into.

Today, the first graders shared these with the kindergarteners.  It was a perfect way for them to learn from all of the students (see all the pictures below of our fun today).

It was also a wonderful way to share with parents, teachers, our community, and with the world.

I loved hearing them tell me all about their projects this week.  They were all very passionate about what they had learned and created.  Each one took a lot of pride in their work and sharing it with all of us.

I hope you enjoy them too.

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  1. Love. And it's amazing to see how comfortable really young kids are getting with expressing themselves in front of other people and sharing their work. It's one of my fav things about what you (and also Mr. Spicer on FB) share!