Sunday, March 2, 2014

To Celebrate World Read Aloud Day......Please Share A Favorite Read Aloud Book With Someone Special On Our FlipGrid

It's the week we have all been waiting for!  This is the week we will celebrate World Read Aloud Day with LitWorlds and others around the world.

And it is Week 4 of the World Read Aloud Day "Raising Our Voices" Blogging Challenge.

For the last three weeks, my daughter, students, and I have shared reading stories for the challenge.

Now it's time to share a favorite read aloud book to celebrate Week 4 and World Read Aloud Day!
This week let's hear the voices from our community......children, parents, grandparents, teachers, whoever would like to share a favorite part of a read aloud book.
 You can go to the "We Read Aloud For WRAD" FlipGrid and add your video too.  

You will have 90 seconds to do this....So share a favorite part, read a page or two, or even summarize the book. However you would like to share. 

Just read the prompt underneath the windows where everyones video will pop up.  

Then all week long we will watch as our read aloud community grows and grows.  I can't wait to listen to the read aloud recommendations and favorites too.  

Have a fun and wonderful World Read Aloud Week. 

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