Saturday, March 29, 2014

First Grade Is Inspired By Eric Telchin to See A Heart, Share A Heart With iPads, Words, Photography, Haiku Deck, and The World

During World Read Aloud Day we had so many wonderful celebrations with other libraries, schools, authors, illustrators, and friends around the world.
One of my favorites was Skyping with our new friend Eric Telchin.  
Eric read his beautiful book See a Heart, Share a Heart with our first graders that week.  
On WeGiveBooks, you can read See a Heart, Share a Heart.  This is fun sharing eBooks from WeGiveBooks as a class or they can read them on a computer.  There are hundreds of amazing books here. 

We also ordered the book for our library.
Eric's website Boy Sees Hearts is such a special place to visit for even more hearts, artwork, information about his book, and much more.  
We especially loved seeing the photograph and reading that started it all.  It showed all of us that we can find hearts everywhere.  
It was also fun to "Explore the Found Hearts" on his website.....You can scroll over each heart and see the story behind them. 
After hearing Eric's story and learning how to see things around us just a little bit better, the first graders and I decided to create our very own Heart book.  

It was important that they take their own photographs and write the words, so I found an app on the iPads that would be perfect for this project. 
I would teach the first graders to use Haiku Deck. This is a free app and also available for the web now too.
With Haiku Deck, they will take their photographs and create a really special presentation using the special features this app contains.  

It is very easy to use and I just know that the first graders will create beautiful heart books to share with others.  
With the help from the teachers, we put them into groups for this project so they could collaborate with a friend on this work.

I then did a little mini-lesson on taking photographs with the iPad and then set them free in the library and around the hallways close by.
They had the best time finding hearts in all kinds of places.  They were very drawn to finding hearts in all of the books....this was fun to see.
Even on Eric's website that was up on our computer in the library. 
 And in other places all around.
Each group has quite a few photographs now on their iPad.  With warmer weather predicted for next week, we are going to take them outside to get just a few more hearts in nature. 

Then it will be time to put our heart stories today in Haiku Deck and share them with each other, our families, and the world.  

Thank you Eric for inspiring us to....

See a Heart, Share a Heart

The first graders especially can't wait to share their stories with you. 

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