Friday, March 7, 2014

Our 2nd Graders 3D Fairy Tales Created With The Help Of Jenny From Blokify

The second graders have been having so much fun with fractured fairy tales.

They have been writing their own, connecting with authors, reading lots of them, and now they are going to create their fairy tales in 3D using our new MakerBot 3D printer.

Through brainstorming and wonderful conversations they have lots of different ideas for this part of the project.

Some want to create a character and act out their fairy tale.

Others want to create game pieces with the MakerBot for a game based on their fairy tale.

And one of my favorite ideas.....They want to create the castles, buildings, and settings of their fairy tales.  For these ideas, and some of the fun characters and game pieces too, the Blokify app will be perfect!
As their website states,

Blokify is 3D modeling software that enables kids to to create toys they can play with virtually or physically via 3D printing. 
On Wednesday, we invited Jenny, the creator of Blokify, into our library through Skype to be part of our...
World Read Aloud Day celebration and teach us how to create with this super fun app.
Jenny told us all about her job, office, and Blokify.  It was interesting to the all of us to hear her story of working and creating with 3D printing.  
The second graders asked wonderful questions and learned even more.  They can't wait to start next week. 

One thing that we are very excited about is being able to add their Blokify creations to their online community.  Within the site, you can share your models with the world....and see others too.
Jenny wrote about her visit to Van Meter on the Blokify Blog. You can read it here, Blokify Skyping With 2nd Graders.

Thank you Jenny....We cannot wait to connect with you again soon to share our creations and thoughts with you and your team.  

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