Monday, March 24, 2014

Bringing A Little Recycling, Color, and Creativity Together To Celebrate Dot Day!

A few months ago, my friend Julie Jimmerson (who is also a mom of one of my students at Van Meter) shared this picture on Facebook.  She thought it would be a perfect activity for our annual Dot Day Celebration at Van Meter.  We always have the BEST time celebrating this very special day and new inspiration like this is perfect!  

And I especially love how it brings together recycling, color, and creativity in a wonderful community activity that will take place within our students home and the library.  
International Dot Day is celebrated on September 15th.  We celebrate it for an entire week with our friends in the library, school, and around the world.  It is one of best days and such a favorite of our entire school community.  

If you haven't heard of Dot Day, you just have to check out the website from my wonderful friend Peter Reynolds and everyone at Fablevision.  I am very happy that my amazing friend Terry Shay thought of Dot Day several years ago and shared his ideas with Peter.  

What a difference the two of you have made for all of us.  
I told Julie I loved the idea and we starting saving caps from all kinds of containers.....

Different colors, sizes, and shapes were gathered in our houses.

My little guy Hagan loved saving them too because he knew that he would be creating something super cool with the caps.
Now the first of the lids are in the basket on the circulation station in the library.

It is special to think how gathering these recycled materials will bring so much happiness, creativity, and inspiration to our library, school, and friends in celebrating Dot Day and all year long.
So, now we need your help.  Please start saving ALL LIDS from home and send them to school in a clearly marked bag.  You can always drop them off too.

Thank you again Julie....Love how this brought so many beautiful things to all of us.

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