Thursday, March 6, 2014

So Happy To See Our EasyBib Friends With Their Rainbow Loom Bracelets...Bringing Us All Together

It was so much fun seeing this tweet this afternoon....
Our amazing friends at EasyBib have received the special Rainbow Loom bracelets created just for them by Van Meter third graders....
Mahalia and her friends.

They all couldn't wait until our friends in New York City had them on their wrists to wear in support of our Banding Together project.
Emily and Michelle have been working with the third graders since the beginning of the year on research skills, citing work, and creating citations using EasyBib.  They have been so helpful and have taught the third graders valuable skills they will never forget.

Now it is time to "Band Together" to help support each other as we bring happy to others in the world too through our creations, research, and voice.

Thank you my friends at EasyBib....I love you all too. 

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