Thursday, March 13, 2014

My Friend Arturo & His Kindergarteners In Los Angeles Will Inspire All Of Us With Their New Movie

One of the best things that has happened by being connected on Twitter was meeting my amazing friend Arturo Avina-Moreno.  

We met last April after he tweeted this to me....
and asked me to watch a video that his kindergarten class created called Miss Nelson Is Missing. You can check it out here too

I watched and just loved it so much.....Art and his little ones were just awesome.  I couldn't wait to have them meet our students and show off their work to the kids and teachers in Van Meter. 
So we connected our students by watching their video and having Art's little ones answer questions and tell about their experience.  

All of our kids LOVED it!  In fact, they still talk about it and look it up on YouTube to watch in the library.
We also read the book Same, Same but Difference by Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw and had a great time talking about all of the things that were same and difference between Van Meter, Iowa and Los Angeles, California.  
These moments were some of the best we in the library all year long.

Art and I also spent time together in June when we met up in Chicago.....It was like we knew each other forever.  

He has been working so hard with his adorable kindergarteners on their newest movie.  I have never known anyone so dedicated, creative, and passionate about a project.  He is truly a gifted teacher and wonderful person.  The children that he works with are lucky, lucky kids.  

Tonight I was very happy to see that he has posted the brand new debut of Miss Nelson is Back.  

You just must watch it and share with your friends, families and students too.  It will bring a smile to everyone.  

You are rock stars Mr. Avina-Moreno's kindergarten class.....I can't wait to watch this together with our kindergartners after spring break and get to know you too.  

And you my friend are one in a million.  Thank you for sharing your passion with all of us. 

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