Monday, March 10, 2014

FlipQuiz....A Gameshow-Style Site That Will Bring A Lot Of Fun & Learning To Our Libraries & Classrooms

A few weeks ago I received an email about an awesome new digital tool called FlipQuiz.

I was especially excited when I saw the byline....

FREE! Gameshow-Style Boards For Educators!  
As I scrolled down the page, I read how easy it was to Sign Up, Create, and Present with FlipQuiz.  
There is even a Demo Board that you can try out....This was really fun to see how it worked.

Our young people and teachers will love this!   And I couldn't wait to try it out too!
Once I was signed in, it gave me the option to "Create A New Board" on the top....It is the green button.  
With each board you give each one a "Board Name" at the top.  You then have the option to name six categories, with five questions and answers under each category.
It is very easy to then see and edit the entire board.  You can view all of the categories, questions, answers, and values for each one.  

Once you have your board set, you can click on the "Launch Presentation View" button to see what it will look like while you are playing the game.  
Each question is shown in a box with the value under the five categories.  When you click on one, like the 100 box under the "Everybody Books" category shown above, the box flips over and the...
question is shown.  Once you are ready to see the answer, click on "Reveal Answer".  

It is helpful to be able to see the category and value on each question card in the right hand corner throughout the entire game.  
As I read more about FlipQuiz and play around with it, I reached out to the creator on Twitter at @FlipQuizMe

Marcus Burnette, founder of shared with me....

"FlipQuiz has gotten off to a great start and we are overjoyed by the amount of interest it has received after being launched just a week ago! 

We are committed to making FlipQuiz the best it can be and appreciate any feedback while we continue to add features and smooth out any quirks. Integrating technology as part of the education process is critical for our upcoming generations of students and we are happy to be able to be even just a small part of that evolution with FlipQuiz.  

-Marcus Burnette, Founder of"
I can think of so many ways I want to use FlipQuiz, but for this week I have created a board for the Scholastic Book Fair in our library.

With parents, students, teachers, and our community going in and out of the library and book fair during parent teacher conferences, it will be so much fun to have this special FlipQuiz up and everyone interacting with it answering questions about the book fair and having fun together.

And I started one for Poetry Month too....With all of the fun connections and creating we have planned, FlipQuiz will be perfect!

To learn more about FlipQuiz, you can go to the Features page and sign up for the newsletter too.

Thank you Marcus for bringing us such a wonderful new digital tool for all of us to use.  

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