Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It's Almost National Poetry Month....Time To Start Connecting & Planning Some Fun!

This week all of us are having the best time celebrating World Read Aloud Day with LitWorld's and our friends around the world.

I am having such a fun time in our library and really love seeing what everyone has going on in their library, school, and community too.
Around this time every year I am so happy when I receive this little envelope in the mail that contains the poster for National Poetry Week.

When I saw the beautiful poster for this year created by Chip Kidd inside of the envelope last week, I also knew that this meant this wonderful celebration in April would be here before we knew it.
At Van Meter, we celebrate National Poetry Month and poetry all throughout April.

We also celebrate Poem In Your Pocket on that day....and throughout the week too so everyone can participate.  This year it will be on April 24th.
One thing that makes National Poetry Month and Poem In Your Pocket Day extra special for us are all of the connections that we make with poets, authors, classrooms, librarians, teachers, and others around the world.

And it is never too early to start planning.....So let's start connecting and planning some fun!
I put together the Let's Connect During Poetry Month Google Document that we can all use to start this collaboration.

Please read the top of the document and add your information.  Then just started connecting and making plans.
On the Poets.org website from The Academy of American Poets there are lots of amazing resources for Poetry Month, Poem In Your Pocket, and all things to do with poetry. 
There is even a link at the top "For Educators" that will take us to beautiful projects and ideas like the one above.  

They have definitely included something for everyone on the website. 
Also, follow the Academy on Twitter at @POETSorg and 

Thank you Academy of America Poets for bringing us all such a special day and for celebrating poetry with us all year long.

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