Friday, March 14, 2014

Excited That Heartland AEA Now Has Capstone's PebbleGo Available For All Students!

One of the most exciting things that we added to our collection and library this year has been PebbleGo from Capstone

When the kindergartners used PebbleGo for the first time, not only were they hooked.....but I was too! 

And when the first graders researched snowflakes and winter they loved it just as much.
Our youngest learners have loved every thing that PebbleGo has brought to them.....amazing articles, interesting videos, new knowledge, engaging games, and the desire to go back to it again and again to learn even more.  
They access the four PebbleGo databases by going into Van Meter's MackinVIA, which is the amazing platform that organizes all of our digital eBooks, databases, and resources for our library.  

Each one of our students log in with their own UserID and password, which gives them access to their own account and digital backpack. 
On the left hand side, they can go to PebbleGo through "Resource Type" and then "Online Databases". 
Under "Online Resources" our students find all four of the PebbleGo databases together.  
They just click on the green button that says "Open Now" and they are there.....It is that easy.  

After we added PebbleGo last fall, I have been telling everyone I met that they need to have PebbleGo too so I was super excited about an announcement our AEA made. 
Last week when I received an email about Heartland purchasing PebbleGo for all of our schools I couldn't have been happier.  This is something that will bring so much to all of the young people within our school districts.
On the Heartland website, to see all of the online resources that we have you will want to go to the "Library & Digital Resources" tab at the top.

Then to the art block with all of the little hearts which is the link for K-5th Grade resources.
This will take you to links for all of the online resources that we have access too.....This list is awesome!  
We all have MackinVIA within our school districts, so make sure PebbleGo is in yours and start directing all of your little ones to this wonderful online database too. 

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