Sunday, March 23, 2014

The First #IAedchat LIVE Was Great....You Can Check Out The Video Archive Now Too!

Today I wrote the post,  Join Us For The Very First #IAedchat LIVE Tonight at 8:00pm CST.  I was very excited about this event and couldn't wait to be part of the conversation with these amazing educators and friends. 

It was such a great time.  Not only did we have a terrific conversation in the GHO, there was also such a valuable conversation taking place on Twitter. 
I love being part of the #IAedchat team and can't wait to continue connecting with everyone each week.  

Please visit our new #IAedchat wiki to find the archives, information, and a link to the Google Form you can fill out to "Be Part Of #IAedchat Too". 

I hope you join us for our next #IAedchat LIVE and for our Twitter chats the other three weeks each month.

And don't forget to check out the YouTube video of our first LIVE chat tonight.

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