Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A New Way To Learn Vocabulary On The Go......With The Vocabulary.com App!

Today, Vocabulary.com shared some big news. 

They have launched their new app!
The app for iOS devices launches today and the Android version will follow soon. 

As my friends at Vocabulary shared with me yesterday, 

"We're really excited about how the app makes what's already the best vocab-learning tool out there even more accessible and engaging."
I was excited to hear that the Vocabulary.com app is available for iPhone and iPad.
This will make our 4th and 5th graders happy as they have been using Vocabulary.com a lot in their classrooms and at home. After connecting with our friend Georgia at Vocabulary.com and learning all about the fun vocabulary tool, this has become one of their favorite things to do online.

Vocabulary.com is a game where they earn point and badges and compete with friends - while improving their vocabulary.  They love using the adaptive learning technology that teaches over 12,000 words using 125,000 questions.  With Vocabulary.com users can choose which words to learn, or study from over 350,000 ready-made vocabulary lists.

I love it when the kids come running into the library to tell me their high score or how many words they have learned....so great seeing that excitement in learning taking place.

Being on spring break this week, I have some time to play around with new apps and digital tools. So, last night I took the new Vocabulary.com app on a little test drive.....
Right from the start, I loved how it looked and felt so much like the Vocabulary.com website....well organized, clean, easy to use, and beautiful.  

You bring up a menu on the left hand side that slides out which shows "My Lists", "Leaderboards", "Achievements", and a few other things important to your account.  

At the top of the app, you have the choice to "Play", "Look Up", and see "Lists" that others have created.  
First I just wanted to "Play" and try my hand at defining a few words.

I LOVE how easy it is to play with the Vocabulary.com app.  You just click on the circle next to the definition you'd like to select, and at the bottom it tells you the answer.  Then you can click on the arrow to the right and it will bring up a green screen which defines the word and gives you all of the information that you need to learn more about the word.

I really like how you can click on the tiny speaker in the bottom right hand corner to listen to the vocabulary word pronounced.  This is always helpful with our students as they learn more and more words.

The app keeps track of your progress at the bottom as well.  At the top, you can see your points and your achievement level.
Next, I went to "Look Up" to find a definition.  Once again, you can listen to the pronunciation and learn all about the word and how it can be used.

As you can see, the Vocabulary.com app contains lots of engaging and interactive features which all learners will enjoy as they have fun with words.

I am excited for all of us to start using it at Van Meter....It will be fun to see what they think and how many words they can learn the last few months of school.

Thank you Vocabulary.com.....You have brought something very useful and important to all of us.  

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