Friday, April 11, 2014

Thank You Texas.....What A Wonderful Time I Had At The Texas Library Association Conference!

This week I had the honor of attending the Texas Library Association Conference in San Antonio.

I have fallen in love with this beautiful state and the amazing teacher librarians and educators, who have become my dear friends and colleagues.  When I was asked to come be part of TLA, I was just so excited.  I love sharing my story and to do this in Texas was the best.
My first presentation was Connected Libraries with my friend and teaching partner, Andy Plemmons
We had a great time together....What fun to share our story with so many.  
I also shared my "Be The Change" presentation.  I am very passionate about sharing the voices of our students, teachers, and myself.  This is one that I always love bringing to any conference.  
One more thing I did while at TLA was share my MackinVIA journey and lots of creative and collaborative ways to use these resources.  
It was great fun presenting in the Mackin booth and seeing all of you.  I love being to able to talk and work together on something after a presentation.....Thank you.
And of course....hanging with my awesome friends for a few days to recharge, reflect, and collaborate with one another was great too. 

There is so much to bring back to my library, teachers, and students.  Thank you for bringing me that Texas.....You are just all the best!

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  1. I attended the session you and Andy Plemmons gave. I am a first year librarian and I am a library student. One of my instructors this semester is Ty Burns. He has talked about how amazing you are, so I had to find out for myself. :) I am happy to admit, his was right! I love all the ways you two showed how to collaborate with just about the WHOLE WORLD! lol! There is no better advocacy! Although, I do have to ask, when do you guys sleep? lol! It was an amazing session and I learned sooooo much! Thank you for sharing your fabulous ideas! You have a lifetime follower! :)