Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Winter Break Reading Bingo from Capstone!

December is almost here and before we know it, we will be at winter break.  This is a time for family, friends and fun. We want to find ways to keep our students reading over the holiday too. 
Today, our friends at Capstone shared something really special they have created that will do just that!

It is called Winter Break Reading Bingo. This will be a wonderful way to give them lots of ideas for reading over the break.  I love the ideas they have suggested on the site....

Make a photo collage of completed cards after break and Encourage students to have everyone in their family complete a card are two of my favorite ideas and two that I will definitely be suggesting as we send the Winter Break Reading Bingo home with our students and out to families in an email and on our library social media in December.

By visiting the site, you will be able to download the...
...Winter Break Reading Bingo in color and.... black and white.  

I love reading the little ideas inside of each square...

Read in the car, Eat a snack while you read, Read a poem, Read to a pet, Read in bed and so many more ideas that will excite your readers too. 

Thank you Capstone....We love how you care about our readers and reading! 

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