Thursday, November 22, 2018

Sharing Our Thankfulness At Van Meter Schools On Our Flipgrid MixTape!

During this week of Thanksgiving, all of our elementary students, teachers, principal and others at Van Meter Community School in Iowa shared our thankfulness. 

We have added almost 500 videos, 8000 responses and over 42 hours of engagement on our Thankfulness Flipgrid.  
We would like to share our stories of thankfulness with all of you, so we put together a little preview in this very special Flipgrid MixTape. You will find the Sharing Our Van Meter Thankfulness MixTape here

You might be asking what a MixTape is! 

Back in the day (as in the 80s and 90s), when we wanted to do something special for our BFFs, we spent hours copying our favorite jams onto one tape to create the perfect listening experience. “Mixtapes” were the perfect space to share whatever we wanted with whomever we wanted!
Fast-forward to 2018. Educators are helping students share their ideas, wonderings, projects, questions - their MAGIC - in new and creative ways every day. So we’re kicking it old school to help you amplify and share #StudentVoice like never before!
Introducing MixTapes, the raddest way to share mic drop moments with the ones that matter.
I just love all of the ways and things that can be created and shared using MixTapes.  Can you think of ways to use them too? 

As I looked at almost 500 videos the last couple of days, I knew creating a Flipgrid MixTape would be the perfect way to give everyone a little sneak peak. 
The Flipgrid MixTape is just a handful of the videos from the Van Meter Thankfulness Flipgrid, which everyone can view at this link too.  

Happy Thanksgiving from our library and everyone at Van Meter! Enjoy the holiday with your family and friends.

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