Saturday, November 3, 2018

Speak Up For Endangered Animals....Free Research Project For All Of Us From Capstone!

Our friends at Capstone have created a very special place for our students to learn more about and engage with information about endangered animals.

It is called Speak Up For Endangered Animals
On this special PebbleGo site, students and teachers have lots of options for engaging with content. 

As you can see on the top of the Speak Up For Endangered Animals page, they can Take the Quiz, go to Downloadables and Lesson Plans, and Try PebbleGo. 
 To start, students can Take the Quiz. 
 This will allow them to answer questions and connect to a endangered animal through the answers.
When I took the quiz, it then gave me the option of speaking up for the rhinoceroses. I love them so was happy I was going to be able to learn more.
With each animal matched up from the quiz, there is a Speak Up for Endangered Animals sheet that students can fill out while....
 ...researching in PebbleGo. 
 The next tab, Downloadables and Lesson Plans, shows different resources such as....
PSA Lesson Plan with...
 ...Guided Practice, 
 Trading Card Lesson Plan with....
the coolest Endangered Animals Trading Card Template, 
...and 6 beautiful posters of the various endangered animals they will be researching.  I am excited to print these off and post.  The students at Van Meter will love them!

If you don't currently have PebbleGo, remember that the site also has a place to try out PebbleGo too. 

Thank you Capstone for bringing us such a wonderful site to explore, learn, create and share our knowledge, passion and advocacy for engaged animals. 

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