Sunday, November 4, 2018

Meet Code Creators On Skype For Hour of Code Week....Sign Up Today!

With Hour of Code/Computer Science Education Week right around the corner December 3-9, 2018, it is time for us to start planning, brainstorming, collaborating and getting excited about all of the activities, resources and opportunities we can bring our students and communities focused around coding.
Not only can you sign up for Hour of Code here on the site, you will also find lots of other companies and organizations offering wonderful Hour of Code opportunities too.
One of my favorite is from our friends at Microsoft and Skype in the Classroom!  They have created a whole week of opportunities for our students and communities to Meet Code Creators! 
Throughout the week on December 3-7, they will be offering Meet Code Creators focusing on arts, gaming, storytelling, animation and artificial intelligence.

You can read all about the schedule with more details here and check each day out....
Monday is Arts,
Tuesday is Gaming,
Wednesday is Storytelling,
Thursday is Animation,
and Friday is Artificial Intelligence.
And Dona Sarakar will be the amazing host for all of these events.
Skype in the Classroom will be two events each day.  To register, visit this page and choose the events that you would like to attend. 
And don't worry if you can't attend at that time.  Each session will be recorded and offered as on demand videos to watch with your students and community. 

Also, all of the guest speakers will be answering additional questions throughout the week and December.  You will find how to submit additional questions in each video. 
I signed up for all five of these special events and can't wait to invite our students and teachers at Van Meter to be part of these awesome coding events. It will be a meaningful and exciting way to integrate and feature various ways code can be used and the occupations coders can have. 

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