Sunday, November 4, 2018

"Art For Kids Hub" Drawing Videos....Awesome Addition To Our Makerspaces!

When I went into Staci Braun's 2nd grade classroom on Halloween last week, they were starting the day with something very fun!

I looked closer to see they were all watching a video of someone drawing as they drew the same thing on the paper in front of them.
I asked Staci about what they were up to and she told me they were on Art for Kids Hub. 
Art for Kids Hub, is created by a family that puts up detailed art lessons every week on their YouTube channel. 
These are so much fun as the parents draw with their children in these engaging, fun and educational drawing videos that will get your students drawing too.
Since it was Halloween, Staci had put in a few links into their Google Classroom.  One was How To Draw A Zombie Hand.  I was so impressed by how awesome their drawings were and just had to check it out for myself.
I love how the dad talks his son through the drawing, side by side, and with each detail.  It is not only fun to watch, it is very fun to listen to as well. 

You can watch this video above too. 
They have a video over so many different topics and popular subjects.  I enjoyed searching through the Playlists so I could find just what I was looking for. 
And I added this one to our library Symbaloo too! 

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