Sunday, November 4, 2018

The Magic of Storytelling Using Technology With Me & Mrs. P....New Follett Webinar on January 10th!

On January 10 at 4:00pm CST, my friend Kathy Kinney, Mrs. P as you know her, and I hope you join us for a new Follett sponsored webinar, The Magic of Storytelling Using Technology.  
After presenting in Portland last month at the OASL Conference, we thought it would be wonderful and fun to bring our presentation online for all of you to hear. 

You can read about our day together in the post, Kathy Kinney (Mrs. P) and I Brought A Little Magic To OASL In Portland!

The description of our webinar states, 

School librarians can play a vital role with the use of technology, helping classroom teachers inspire their students to be creative thinkers. Using free technologies like Skype, Google Hangout or Flipgrid, students can develop public speaking skills, learn about collaboration, and build confidence in their everyday lives by interacting with professional storytellers. Inspiring creativity and confidence in students will provide them with new and valuable skill sets; storytelling is a method that allows students to be creative and helps them learn how to present their ideas.
Encouraging students to create their own stories and share them aloud helps students:

  1. Hone vital writing skills (such as developing clarity of images and ideas)
  2. Improve organizational skills (required to tell a well-structured story)
  3. Give their imaginations a serious work-out (using completely different ‘muscles’ than when you listen to or watch a story someone else has created)
  4. Build self-confidence (when a story you created entertains or influences a reader or audience!)

The skill of mastering the written word is one of the greatest gifts we can give our students. For evidence of its power, we need only look at Shakespeare’s plays, which still move audiences more than 400 years after they were written; or the Constitution of the United States, which presidents and lawmakers still look to for guidance 200 years after its authors first put pen to paper.  What better way to begin developing such an important skill than with “Tell me a story...”?
Shannon Miller and Mrs. P, both widely known and respected, will share best-known methods and inform attendees of various online events where students can practice, like poetry slams, author visits, writing contests, World Read Aloud Day, and more.

And when you register, please add questions you might have for Kathy and me!  We want to hear from you too. 

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