Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Watch The NEW Future Ready Librarian Webinar...Exploring Equitable Digital Access Here

You can now watch the NEW Future Ready Librarian webinar, Exploring Equitable Digital Access here and share it with others.  

My friends and colleagues Ashley Cooksey, Instructional Technology Coach, Batesville School District (AL), Len Bryan, Library Technical Systems Manager, Denver Public Schools (CO) and Kristin Mattson, Library Media Center Director, Waubonsie Valley High School (IL) joined me for the webinar.

We discussed how school library programs help ensure that students have equitable digital access. School librarians are supporters and advocates for equitable access to collections tools using digital resources, programming, and services that support the school district’s strategic vision.

Ashley, Len and Kristin shared their unique experiences on how they have approached the goal of ensuring equitable access. I loved hearing their stories and ideas.  I know you all will too. 

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