Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Sign Up For National Scribble Day...Coming Up On March 27, Friends! Let's Celebrate!

I love that there is going to be a National Scribble Day! 
When my friend and colleague, Alexa, shared this news with me from a post she saw on Instagram, I signed up right away and put it on our related arts calendar as a day we could come together for a little collaboration and a whole lot of fun! 
National Scribble Day is based off of Diane Alber's book, I'm Not Just A Scribble.  

You can watch this short video to learn more about National Scribble Day and visit...
...The Scribble Day page on her site for Free Lesson Plans and... 
...lots of super cool ideas to get inspired with scribbles and her book.  
You can sign up here to be part of National Scribble Day on March 27, 2019 too.   
Our related arts team met last week and started talking about and planning for this special day at Van Meter.  This weekend, I had so much fun pulling together more ideas and resources. 

I am thinking this would also be a wonderful day for us to make some global connections with others!  Let's keep that in mind friends as we are making our plans. 

I hope to see lots of you participate in National Scribble Day too! We can't wait. 

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