Saturday, November 3, 2018

The Perfect Thanksgiving Story, Song, Lesson Plan and Project From Cantata Learning

As we get ready for Thanksgiving, there are lots of activities, reading, sharing, creating and eating going on within our libraries, classrooms and homes.  

I have the perfect Thanksgiving story and song from Cantata Learning to share with you today.  
As the Cantata Learning site states,

Today, Thanksgiving is a day for watching parades and eating turkey and pumpkin pie. But people in North America have celebrated this day of thanks in many ways for hundreds of years. Learn about the history of one of our national holidays in this fun song with captivating illustrations. This hardcover book comes with a CD and online music access.
Allan Morey, the author, and Brian Hartley, the illustrator, put together a very special story and...
Erik Koskinen arranged and produced the music.
You will find Thanksgiving Day on the Cantata Learning site.  Click here to go to this page

You can stream the music from the site or download a MP3. They have included the instrumental version of the song here too.
On the Cantata Learning YouTube Channel, you will also find Thanksgiving Day to play, read and sing along with your students.  
And last but not least.....I hope you enjoy the Thanksgiving Day Lesson Plan, which goes along with the entire series of holiday books.   
The lesson plan goes with all six of the holiday series.  I love them all!   
This lesson plan includes art, science/nutrition, and technology extensions.  
I especially love the Technology Extension in this lesson plan using Buncee to create a class holiday story.  
Here is a post highlighting a project using Buncee and Cantata Learning to create a winter story.  

It will be helpful as you think about how you and your students could create a Thanksgiving story. 
All six of the Holidays Rhythm and Rhyme Series can be found here.  

This is perfect for Thanksgiving and just wait until we celebrate Christmas, Diwali, and Hanukkah!  
I wanted to share one more quick resource with all of you.  

I created a Thanksgiving Resources for Librarians and Teachers Collection that I have been adding things to for the last few weeks.  I will add this post.  This is a public Collection so you will be able to use and share too. 

Have fun reading, singing and creating during the holidays too!  

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