Thursday, November 1, 2018

Halloween Makey Makey Lab In Our Library!

On Halloween, we turned the library into a Makey Makey Lab for our kindergarten through 4th graders.

This included included 10 Makey Makey kits, gourds, candy corn, tin foil, spoons and even an occasional book, iPhone, box, bracelet, ring and other objects our students tried out as they made music, played games and investigate things made in Scratch and more.

One group of 4th graders even figured out how to turn their Makey Makey into game controllers to play one of their favorites places to go, Be Internet Awesome! 

With so many amazing pictures and videos, we put together a little video of the fun we had learning, planning, creating, collaborating, taking risks and more.

We hope you had a great Halloween too! 

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