Sunday, November 18, 2018

Introducing Buncee Templates....Over 500+ Templates For All Of Us!

I am so excited for something new from Buncee that will change the way all of us create using this amazing digital tool!  In fact, it will not only make creating in Buncee faster and easier, it will take our creativity to a whole other level and inspire us in exciting new ways.

On the Buncee blog they stated,

Buncee Templates allow you to take your creativity to new heights! The creation process is made even faster and easier now that you can start creating with one of our many templates. 
We’re introducing over 500+ templates to choose from, in over 25 categories,  ranging from education to business, to personal or home use. And we’re going to keep adding to our growing collection, so no matter what you’re working on, we’ll have a Buncee Template for you!
Using Buncee templates is super easy....let me show you how!
When you log into Buncee and click on Create, a new window will pop up that explains and shows Templates.  
You just click on Start Creating! 
This window will pop up that gives you a few choices when Creating a New Buncee.  
You can Start From Scratch, which gives you the Buncee we are all use to using that lets us pick all of the different assets and details to make a wonderful Buncee of our very own.
You can also Select a Template To Start and choose from several on the front page or....
 ...from the 27 categories of templates on the left hand side.
I found two I am going to use this week.  

First, I clicked on Bookmarks and found so many awesome templates to use. 
Second, I found the Build a Leaf Turkey under the templates highlighted on the front page.
I plan to share this with our students so they can build their very own leaf turkey too. 

As you can see, Buncee Templates are going to change the way we BUNCEE and we all gotta love that!  Thank you friends for always giving us the tools, inspiration and help we need for students to soar with their creativity, knowledge and dreams! 

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