Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Our 5th Graders Made Photos Talk With Blabberize While Learning With Mo, The Developer, On Skype!

Last week, our 5th graders had the opportunity to Skype with our friend Mo. He developed Blabberize.  Blabberize is a site and app that allows you to take any picture, put a mouth on that picture, and make it speak with your voice.

We plan to use Blabberize to give book talks, share historical events, celebrate art work and projects, and so much more. 
They had such a blast learning about Blabberize with Mo on Skype. 
He explained to the kids how you can take any image and Blabberize it by...
...clicking on the MAKE button underneath the Blabberize. It is circled in hot pink in the image above.

This is where you can also BROWSE and look at MY STUFF.
Mo took a famous painting and...
...showed them how to add a mouth and making the it talk. 
After Mo made this one for us, he also explained how Blabberize could be used in projects by
turning it into a video or embedding it in a blog or webpage to be shared with classmates and others.
They couldn't wait to make their own. 
They got right to work. 
Some of them worked with a partner or two and lots of them...
...worked by themselves to create....
....something awesome. 
We loved watching them find or take a photo to Blabberize.  
We kept Mo on Skype so he could answer questions and...
...get a good laugh from what our kids were creating too. 

At the end of our time together, Mo showed them the new..

The site states, 

You can place your talking picture in video with you using the self facing camera. Or take your talking picture into the wild with Augmented Reality using the front facing camera.
He showed us how to Blabberize a banana with the new app.  We can't wait to use this one on our iPads and create with it too. 
You will find the information on the Blabberize iOS app and other resources here to help you create amazing videos with Blabberize too!  

Thank you Mo for Skyping with your students and sharing the awesome app you created.  We are excited to use Blabberize throughout the year. 

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