Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Twitter Conversation During The First Future Ready Librarian Webinar ROCKED! Check It Out!

Yesterday we kicked off the Future Ready Librarians Webinar Series!  You can read all about it and watch the webinar here.  Please share this with other teacher librarians, administrators, teachers and stakeholders too.

It was an amazing event and we were excited to know there were over 1,500 who signed up to be part of this exciting conversation.

As you know, there was also a conversation happening at #futurereadylibs on Twitter.  It started before the webinar and went into last night.  In fact, it is still happening today.

We brought these tweets together for all of you in the Storify Future Ready Librarians Webinar Series #1...What's Not To Love that you can find here or embedded below.

Remember, it doesn't have to be a webinar day for all of us to connect, collaborate and celebrate on Twitter.  Let's use #futurereadylibs to keep this going conversation going all year long!

Let's be here for each other to make a different in the future of libraries and for Future Ready Librarians.

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