Wednesday, February 1, 2017

New Features In Follett's Destiny Discover & Collections To Support Future Ready Librarians

I was so excited to see this tweet from @FollettLearning this week....

Features coming this summer to support Future Ready Librarians. #FollettWebinar #FutureReadyLibs
It was from the Twitter chat happening during the Destiny 14.5 Is Here...and We're Ready To Talk About It webinar with Don Rokusek, Program Director of Library Solutions at Follett.

As the webinar recap states on the webinar page,
During the webinar we walked through the great new capabilities that we have added to Destiny Library Manager and Destiny Discover, our digital platform for Follett eBooks, Follett audiobooks, Lighbox contet and Destiny Resources Manager. 

The new features in Destiny 14.5 are amazing with being able to control the ribbons on the Destiny Discover homepage, promoting free and paid databases on the ribbons and through One Search and linking the ribbons to any website you would like to direct your students to.
As Don stated during the webinar, they are adding more and more to Destiny Discover in the next several months which will support Future Ready Librarians and the important role we play in providing access to the materials we curate in supporting the curriculum goals of our students.
In the 2017-18 school year, Destiny Discover will add the new Collections functionality.

This will enable us to curate collections of resources; create more collaborative opportunities between the teacher and teacher librarians; and so much more including...
being able to share these rich, beautiful Collections of resources with your district and publically too.

Within a Collection, anything on the web and all resources found in Destiny can be included.

Can you imagine the change these amazing new features will bring to your library and school community?  And just think about the change it will bring to your teachers, students and to you!
It is now your turn to learn more as you watch this webinar. It is packed full of Future Ready Librarian connections and so much more!

You will find the webinar archieve and all of the resources here.

As we kick off a new year, it is time to take your library to the next level and to Destiny 14.5!  

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