Tuesday, February 21, 2017

3 Ways Music Can Support Future Ready Librarians!

There is a buzz in the air and it is that of Future Ready Librarians.  
This amazing group is part of Future Ready Schools, supported by the Alliance for Excellence in Education, Follett and AASL, showcasing the leadership of teacher librarians within schools, libraries, and education globally everyday. Future Ready Librarians lift up these positions to lead the physical and digital transformation of learning and libraries, which we all know will make a difference within the lives of our students and throughout education.  
As Future Ready Librarians, we look for tools and resources to support this initiative and transformation. It is our job to bring engaging experiences and amazing products to our libraries that will support the learning that we want to take place. Music is one of these tools, with the ability to bring so many special experiences and celebrations to our libraries.
Please click here for the full post on the Cantata Learning blog.   You will love the three way music can support Future Ready Librarians too!  

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