Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Daily Tweet For You!

Something new has hit my Twitter and I am super excited to share!
My daughter Brianna, who is a senior in college and majoring in marketing is also the co-director for The Library Voice and my partner in lots of creative projects, research and collaborative ideas.   

Brianna is also starting her own business Engaged Media Solutions, which she plans to kick off within the next week.  I can't wait for her to showcase the awesome website she has created for this.  
Currently she also works with Cantata Learning, Literacy for Texas and Maker Maven with their marketing and social media needs.  
She has always been around libraries, education, books, technology, Makerspaces and now the publishing world and Future Ready Librarians, so is very in tune and passionate about the things we all need and love. 
Here are a few of the things Brianna has been creating for her clients.  I am so proud of the thought, creativity and voice she puts into everything she does.  

Brianna has an awesome weekly social media schedule with Literacy for Texas and Maker Maven so we decided it would be a fun thing to start this for me too.  She is going to kick it off on my Twitter @shannonmmiller by sharing...

daily with these 5 awesome themes!  You can see them in the Buncee that Brianna created by clicking above or here

I am excited for what is coming to my Twitter each week and can't wait until she adds it to our Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.  

I know you will love these daily tweets too!  
You can follow Brianna on Twitter at @BriannaMCua and...
on her blog, Living Light and Breezy.   We will share her new business website soon. 

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