Thursday, February 2, 2017

PebbleGo Biographies Includes All Of Our Presidents For Reading, Research & Learning More

As the year kicks off with a new President and lots of changes in our country, we need to make sure our students have the information they need.  We can provide books, apps, eBooks, websites,  and databases within our libraries, classrooms and even at home.

One that is perfect when providing this information to our youngest learners is PebbleGo from Capstone.
My friend Vanessa Rients (@rients_vanessa) shared this tweet earlier this week.
It is good to know that PebbleGo Biographies has been updated to include President Trump in PebbleGo Biographies.
Like all of the Presidents in PebbleGo Biographies, this will take you through different parts of President Trump's life such as Education, Work and Family and the 2016 Election.
In addition to the Presidents in PebbleGo Biographies, there are several biographies of First Ladies too.

Thank you Capstone...We appreciate everything in PebbleGo as we support our students in learning more about the President and elections.

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