Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Destiny Discover Chrome Extension....A Great Way To Connect Our Students To The Library Collection

As a teacher librarian I was always looking for and creating ways to tie in library resources to the things my students were doing.  If it was research, creating a project, looking for a new book to read or just browsing, it was my job to connect and teach them about all of the wonderful resources our library contained.

Our students also search in Google and we want to teach them this skill as well.  However, we don't want to forget the library resources either.

Well, guess what? Follett has created the perfect solution for this!
It is the Destiny Discover Chrome Extension that you can find in the Chrome Web Store here
As stated, It's easier than ever to locate your Destiny resources.  You can now use Google to search for resources from your Destiny Catalog.  

Like in the image at the top of this post, I was searching Iowa and all of my library resources about Iowa in Destiny showed up in the ribbon at the top. 
You can also click on the Destiny Discover Extension and it will bring down this menu which let's you Search Your School Resources here too. 

This is an important addition that Follett has created and will help our students and teacher as they search for the resources they need everyday.  

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