Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Kids Make WRAD & Everyday Awesome!

My favorite part of being a teacher librarian is simple.  

It's the kids. 

I love being able to celebrate with them all year long for so many different reasons.  We celebrate reading, collaboration, creativity, learning, differences, research, their unique passions and voice, and being able to connect all of these things together in a safe, wonderful, happy place that is theirs.  

One of our favorite days to celebrate connecting each year is on LitWorld's World Read Aloud Day! This is not only a celebration of reading, it is a celebration of a lot of the same things we celebrate in our libraries....creativity, diversity, learning, collaboration and being connected to others around world.  This is what makes it so special.  

Since I am not in a library anymore, on World Read Aloud Day I help others connect (by creating the WRAD Google Doc and WRAD Flipgrid with my awesome friend Andy Plemmons) and schedule Skype's with my friends and their students.  I miss celebrating in our library together but I have such a terrific week celebrating, collaborating and connecting with others within our community and around the world.  

Today I kicked off three special Skype's I have for WRAD this week.  
The first was with my friend Lynn Kelinmeyer (@THLibrariZen). She is an elementary teacher librarian at Titan Hill Intermediate School in the Lewis Central School District in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

This was an extra special Skype because I was the author, talking about my new series Library Skills from Cantata Learning!  These helpful and fun books, paired with delightful illustrations and fun music that makes these books extra unique.

I loved sharing the process of writing a book, talking through illustrations and supporting it as it is published and set out into the world. Lynn's students had great questions and feedback.  I loved watching their faces and seeing them move to the music I was playing.

They were the best!

I can't wait to go back to visit once the first 4 books in this series comes out in July 2017.

I will Skype with two other schools on WRAD celebrating the wonderful illustrations and music found in the Cantata Learning books. I will post updates as we go to the bottom of this post.

Have fun friends and celebrate WRAD all year long!

And remember...

It's the kids.

That's the best part.

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