Thursday, February 2, 2017

A New Place To Share Favorite Go-To Books...And An Easy Way To Add Them To Your Library Collection Too!

One of my favorite ways to get ideas for new books, is to see which ones are the top picks in the library. 

I know that in our library, students loved reading what others just couldn't put down and got lots of ideas online from readers outside of our school too.  
And now there is a way that we all can share the top picks in our library.  

It is called #FollettPicks!  
Yesterday on the FollettLearning's Instagram they shared....

Share your favorites with #FollettPicks and each month we'll provide new genres and compile the previous month's picks as a list on Follett Community and Titlewave. 

This will be so awesome to not only follow #FollettPicks, but to also have a meaningful ways to build your library collection through top pick recommendations.  This was always one of my favorite ways to enhance and grow our library collection.
This month, share your go-to historical fiction and mystery books for students.  

I love the tweet above that Klaudia Janek (@kjanek) shared on Twitter yesterday.  She event included a couple hashtags from her state, which is a terrific way to share your #FollettPicks and get more involved too.  
And on Facebook, we are sharing underneath the post about #FollettPicks.  It is really wonderful to see all of the favorite historic and mystery picks for the month!

There a lot of these titles that I want to read and pass onto my own kids too.
So remember, each month Follett will be sharing top picks using #FollettPicks.  This month, the two genres of the top picks are Historical Fiction and Mystery. 

We want you to share with #FollettPicks too!  

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