Tuesday, February 28, 2017

My 4 New Library Skills Stories & Songs With Cantata Learning!

Over the last year, one of my dreams came true and I wrote my very first children's picture book.
In fact, I wrote four which are part of the Library Skills series from Cantata Learning.

Cantata Learning shares, Libraries are truly special spaces with so much to learn and do.  How you find a book? What is the difference between fiction and nonfiction?  What does it mean to have good manner in the library? Do you know how to stay safe online? 
The first four books include Find A Book, 
Manners in the Library, Fiction or Nonfiction (above) and
Staying Safe Online.  

I love the illustrations created by Kathryn Durst.  The process of seeing the sketches at the beginning, to the illustrations at the end and giving feedback throughout, was so much fun.

And to make this project even more exciting, the music is by Emily Arrow who sings the songs in the books!  When I play these, I can't help put sing along.  I know children will love learning library skills as they sing along with Emily too!

I will be sharing one of our songs super soon.
And for an extra special treat to kick off the library series, Cantata Learning and Capstone will be hosting a poster signing at the TLA Conference in April to celebrate.  I will be there signing posters and we will have fun bookmarks and tip sheets available to go along with the series too.

The Library Series will be available August 1, 2017.

We can't wait to share this wonderful new library series with children, teacher librarians, educators and parents everyone.  They will bring something very special to our libraries, schools and homes.

And help all of us...

Find a new book on the shelf!  

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