Saturday, February 11, 2017

Bloxels Brings Creativity, Collaboration, Storytelling and Fun To All!

One of my favorite things about the last month is that I shared my favorite game...
 Bloxels during presentations at FETC... 
...and at TCEA this last week.  
My friend from Bloxels Amber Schey and I had such a wonderful time with a great group of teacher librarians at the Librarian Academy Thursday afternoon in Austin. 
After Amber and I told them all about Bloxels, 
they set off to build, 
 and tell stories by creating a video game with Bloxels too.

You will find our presentation slides here...feel free to use them too.  
You will find all that you need to get started on the Bloxels site, with your Bloxels game and...
 with the Bloxel's Educator Handbook that comes with the Classroom Packages here.
I love this new handbook and all of the ideas, support and creativity it contains.
One of my favorite Bloxels Classroom Activities is Digital Citizenship Superhero Challenge.  

These activities will be perfect for using when tying in Bloxels to your library and classrooms too.
I also find these graphics useful that you can find on the home page of the Bloxels site here and...
on the Bloxels Edu page too.
In fact, on the Bloxels Edu page, you will find lots of information to help in bringing this amazing game to your students too!  

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